Director of Photography

Bill Otto


Bill Otto is a working cinematographer currently residing in the Los Angeles area.  Growing up in southern California, Bill was entrenched in the surf/skate culture that dominated the 80’s and 90’s.   “I’ve been waiting to do a project like this from the beginning of my career as a cinematographer. It was fate that Tito and I met.”

Tito met Bill while he was teaching a production workshop at NYFA and became interested in Tito’s work after viewing his surf documentary, “Summer One”.

They joined forces to shoot Tito’s debut short film, “Awake”, which gained accolades at the L.A. DV film festival, as well as gaining the “Top 10” status on Kevin Spacy’s short film showcase website.

They continued their working relationship with a second short, “Chain,” which explores the dark side of humanity and it’s arrogance as the planet’s top predator on the food chain.

“Road to Red” combines all the elements of Tito and Bill’s affinity for thrillers and surf/skate documentaries.