Surf, Skate, Sex, Drugs, Terror & Rock n’ Roll!!!

Music became one of the key elements in the making this movie! The Director handpicked every single song and band used in the film for its ability to communicate the emotional essence of a surf/skate subculture that has profoundly changed the world around us.

Words like radical and extreme wouldn’t have the same power and meaning if it weren’t for surfing and skateboarding! And no other style of music has been able to surpass that pure, raw stoke energy, other than ROCK N’ ROLL!!!


The Director first saw Oh No Not Stereo playing live when working on the script for “Road to Red”. After getting his hands on a few CDs, Oh No quickly became a go to band for inspiration in Tito’s writing sessions.

Tito started listening to the band whenever they played live in L.A., and soon become friends with Sky (lead singer) and Mikul (drummer). From that point on it was only a natural progression to have Oh No Not Stereo‘s music become an intrinsic part of the film.

You can check them out here:

Soul Ghost

Paulo Indio is a friend of the Director, who happened to be in L.A. right after first unit was completed. Indio was keen on introducing Tito to his new EP, and it turned out that one of his new songs was a perfect match for one of the most powerful and soulful surfing scenes in the movie.

Soul Ghost

Indio was super stoked, and not only would a second song be used in the score, but Indio would also go on to write several instrumental tracks, including a song played by Sean Gray in one of his key scenes, plus being instrumental (no pun intended) in composing the opening theme for the film.

You can check him out here:



Ho-Chi Minh was brought to the Director’s attention by his good friend Miguel “Xibanga” Gomes. The first time Tito listened to their music he was completely blown away! It was exactly what he had been searching for!


Ho-Chi-Minh immediately became the number 1 choice for Road to Red’s edgiest skate and surf montages!

You can check them out here:



But in the Director’s head something was still missing…

Since the very beginning of the project, Tito had been searching for a band that could write and perform an original “Road to Red” track to be used over the end credits. Tito wanted a song that could encompass the entire vibe of the film, and also be used to promote the project through a music video and other media platforms.

During post-production, Tito had lost hope and was ready to give up on finding the right song when out of the blue, he received a call from an old friend, Julio Costa, asking him if he would like to do something with a song Tito had written.

A few months later Tito and Julio would record Tito’s composition with Dominic Borde (sound engineer). With the help from Ari (bass) and Fred Stone (drums) the song Tito was searching for came into being, and the band, Wifi-Messiah was borne.

You’ll be able to check them out real soon…