The number one pre-requisite to get into a Road to Red audition, for a lead role, was that you had to be able to surf.
Both Sean Gray and Chris Blasman are consequently pretty good surfers and both have great surfing moments in the movie, performed by themselves.

Sean Gray in a Road to Red frame grab..

Playing the role of a long boarder, Sean actually ended up doing most of his own on-screen riding, only being doubled by the Director in few P.O.V. shots.

chrisChris Blasmas in a Road to Red frame grab.

Despite Chris being a pretty proficient surfer, having even competed in a few World Qualifying events, the Director felt we still needed to make Rob’s surfing a little more spectacular, so he ended up calling of a few of his buddies for help…

David Luis in a Road to Red frame grab.

Tito called up David Luis to come out and double for Chris.
David was chosen not only for being physically identical to Chris, but also because of his style. David was no stranger to Tito‘s lens, having been featured in his first surf movie and being a regular surf buddy on many, many surf trips.

Jaymes Triglone in a poster designed by the Director.

Jaymes started riding for Tito‘s shaper, Filipe Ferreira, so it didn’t take long for them to get together on a surf  trip… The Aussie also had an interest in movies, so he ended up not only doubling for Chris, but he also had his little cameo on the film.


Ipsylon Surfboards were an obvious choice due to the Director’s old relationship with the brand. Filipe Ferreira was not only in charge of the shapes, he also created all the graphics for the boards that would be used on the movie.