“Road to Red” was made through the intense collaboration between first time director, Tito da Costa and writer-producer, Larry Leahy.

During the making of this insanely ambitious independent film, Tito and Larry would begin a creative bond that would take them on an inspired journey neither could have imagined when they first started this venture together.

It would become a test to never give up, a battle that would demand every ounce of their blood, sweat, and tears in order to achieve an uncompromising vision.

Shooting with an amazingly talented ensemble cast of actors (who were also surfer-skaters), on a limited budget, under brutally harsh conditions, in over 125 locations throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Portugal, “Road to Red” is one of the most authentic surf/skate films to come along in years.

It is the filmmaker’s hope and dream that you share our passion and enthusiasm for this film as much as we do.