Dave Klotz


Gemini nominated composer Dave Klotz has worked in almost every creative facet of the music business. A native Torontonian, Dave’s early career involved composition, performance, arrangement, production and touring with a variety of musical acts. He has toured extensively in North America and Europe as a professional keyboardist, and has appeared on a multitude of albums.

Dave’s true calling however, has always been scoring for film. Over the past 20 years, Dave has been credited for composition in film, television, and dance choreography, for productions spanning from Toronto, to Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Following a 3 year stint in Los Angeles, Dave returned to his beloved northern paradise in 2006 to continue his career pursuits within a proper Canadian climate.

Dave is a graduate of the York University music program, where he received a BFA Music degree with honors, specializing in ethnomusicology, composition and avant-garde electronic music.

Dave is a very versatile composer, with a broad range of influences and styles. A strong background in Western genres, Ethnomusicology and the Avant-garde allow Dave a broad pallet of influence on which to draw upon. He is a sensitive, emotive composer with a knack for both supporting and emphasizing the energy and emotional shifts of visual medium.