Re-recording Mixer

Thomas Ferrell


Thomas was the creative mastermind that brought Dave Klotz’s score, Julia Owen’s sound design, Marc Halford’s brilliant production sound, and an eclectic collection of songs together in the final mix.

“Road to Red” is at heart a road picture, with numerous musical montages sequences, as well as a psychological thriller that is meant to shock an audience out of their seats. We knew that the sound design and music would be responsible for creating a majority of the cinematic moments experienced in the film, so the re-recording mixer was always one of the key collaborators for us.

Through Thomas’ patience and immaculate attention to detail, Tito was able to achieve his ultimate cinematic vision for the film, a rare and unique feat for a low budget production.

We owe much of this to Thomas, and for his uncompromising dedication to “getting it right.”