“Back in In 1999, Portuguese Surfers João Rei and Nuno Viegas started a brand project, from scratch, called B.SIDE, right from their hometown in the Algarve.
Without any experience on the matter but with a lot of dedication, they embraced themselves in all the design, production, marketing, management and distribution of this project of love.
Tito invited them in 2005 to bring B.SIDE aboard the movie production, and for a period of time, they shared an amazing journey fusing their different worlds and ideas together…
Maybe B.Side project was ahead of its time, or was not supposed to happen in a era without facebook, instagrams, black fridays and what not… so in the end of 2008 they decided to close the B.side project…
Road to Red is somehow, bringing back in memory this lost brand, that is nowadays part of the Portuguese Surfing History, past and Culture.”
João Rei ended up caming to California to spend some time with Tito, during the production of the movie.
Long time friends, they also ended up collaborating in designing Road to Red’s logo.