Road to Red isn’t your regular surf/skate movie…
Sometimes described as a surf/skate fable, the skateboarding we wanted to portray had to be, not only timeless and stylised, but exquisite and unique!


Sean Gray in a Road to Red frame grab.

The search for our skateboarding locations went from the most iconic spots, to places where no one had ever skated before…

Sean Gray and Chris Blasman riding on a Dry Lake Bed.

Michael Buffo, Frank Hirata, Tito da Costa and Ryan Johnson at the Upland full pipe.

Although all actors knew how to ride a skateboard, we needed real pros to take the action to the next level.

Frank Hirata was our initial skateboarding consultant. He brought Ryan Johnson aboard and he would eventually take the lead, doubling for both characters in most scenes.

Ryan Johnson in a Road to Red frame grab.

With his super fast, big moves style, Ryan helped create some memorable skate moments on Road to Red.

Ryan Johnson in a Road to Red frame grab.