Larry Leahy


“As the Producer on “Road to Red” my objective was to help create a compelling story with intense, realistic characters, and to translate the wild energy and daredevil craziness Tito and I had both experienced in our individual lives onto the screen.”

“We were determined to make a movie that would merge both of our real life experiences into a single story: for me, a sailboat accident in Mexico where I almost killed three of my best friends, and for Tito, an inside view into the enigmatic world of surfers and skaters competing to be the next world champion.”


“We set out to explore the themes of guilt, remorse, survival, and most importantly, the adrenaline rush of competition that pushes extreme athletes to the very edge of death.”

“It became our mission, indeed, our passion, to capture an authentic view of the characters that drive the surf-skate culture with this film.”

“We set out to tell a story that would embody the spirit of a generation, setting the bar high to make something fresh and unique.”

“Our mantra became: Surf, Skate, Sex, Drugs, Terror, & Rock n’ Roll.”